How I Was Able TO Make 10 Clients A day On Facebook Instantly

There’s this whole myth about the ideal customers.

People want to sell headphones to those who want to buy headphones, and it totally makes sense.

People who are web developers want to sell web development services to those who want a website or those who need a web developer, and ittruly makes a lot of sense.

But what am about to share with you is totally out of theout of the box of what I currently do.

My name is Israel Afiesimama, I’m a web developer, and also a am marketing researcher

I research different useful tactics, taste on my real business, then I let it out for others to see.

And what am about to share with you today, is one of the 4 marketing tactics I used to generate thousands of dollars in 2021 as a web developer.

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Here Is What I Did

So I wanted to promote one of my services “The Ecommerce Web Development,

so instead of doing what other web developers do, which totally Makes Sense “Joining Web Development Facebook group”, I instead of that decided to join a Facebook group that was totally out of the scope “A buy and sell WhatsApp group”

And after I joined that group, I made a post on how to improve your business and gain more sales from your current product.

And people were interested in this.

People wanted to know more.

So what did I do?

I created a WhatsApp group, led them to my WhatsApp group, and thought them Ecommerce.

With video and audio presentation, I showed them the necessity of an ecommerce site, showing them mine as an example of how I was able to make hundreds of thousands of Naira without having a product

I also went ahead to teach them the importance of using a sales page to promote their product.

After that, I informed them I was a web developer if they’rethey were looking for one

And guess what

About 10 persons responded that I should help them with the development, for each I charged 85,000 nairas for the development.

After some days of sending more content, and enlightening them more on E-commerce, I was able to convince 22 others.

And this is totally what you can do start doing in your business today.

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You can actually target graphic dtdesiand teach them the importance of a portfolio for their business.

Or a freelancer the importance of a blog. These are what you can start todsygnerstodaynk about what you can do

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